~ NES (Toaster Type) ~
The first thing you need is a Philips screw driver to undo all the screws, an eraser, some electronic cleaning solvent and a couple of Q-Tips. Make sure to remember that you unplug your NES and push down the power button to remove any electricity.

Now you need to turn over the NES and undo the six Philip's screws on the bottom, then holding it together turn it back over and take the top off. This will leave you with a big silver shield as seen in the picture below. To take the silver protective cover off there a seven screws holding it down.

Unscrew the slot for games, RF/AV and Power box.

Lift the main board out and pull out the two controller leads and the Power/Reset Button lead. After this, turn the board over.

The three leads have been removed and the board has been taken out, yet another silver cover to be removed.

Now pull the black connector off of the main board and it will expose the silver pins which it attaches to.

Next use the eraser on the silver pins where the 72 pin connector was and get it as clean as possible. Now get a Q-Tip and spray each end with some electronic cleaning solvent and again rub it on the silver pins where the connector was. If done right it will make it like new. Take a dry Q-Tip and rub any solvent left on the pins off. If you have done all this and it still didn't help you will need to buy a new 72 pin connector either from eBay or MCM Electronics (USA Only).

~ Games ~
There are lots of ways of cleaning the games most of the time I just spray them with a contact cleaner solution and use Q-Tips to rub the connectors. Sometimes no matter how many times you clean it, it will not work at all. In this case you will need a 3.8mm security screw bit, an eraser, some cleaning solvent and a few Q-Tips.

Take your non working game pak and 3.8mm security screw bit and undo the three screws in the back. A quick note: (You don't need a 3.8mm if you have an older cartridge that has five screws. This is because they are not security screws).

Open it up and take out the game PCB. You can then use an eraser to clean the pins and then spray with a cleaning solvent. After this you should rub it on the pins with some Q-Tips on each side, then use a dry Q-Tip to get the solvent off.

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