Bored of our site? Then welcome to the deep pit of other great NES sites. The links along the top are mainly sites which are just dedicated to the NES. Underneath are other sites that have a variety of video game content. There are many rad sites listed so be sure to at least take a look at a few!

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~~~ Good NES Sites ~~~

 NES World
One of the very first NES sites to be uploaded on the World Wide Web. Home to loads of NES info, photos, etc that has been collected and displayed over the years. Definitely a must-see.
A great site devoted to archiving game ROMs for visitors to download.
 Rusted Logic
Run by legendary NES hacker BMF54123. If you love hacks, this is the right place to be!
 NES Cart Database
Largest database for NES cartridge info. Hundreds of documented PCB's, ROMs, chips, scans and more. If you're wanting to get into making NES game reproductions, check this place out. It has all the cartridge information you need for each game.
 |tsr's NES archive
One of the greatest resources to ever be created in the NES scene. Here you will find NES information, games you never knew about, and more. (He also helped us with this very layout!)
 Bloodlust Software
Home to many great emulators such as Nesticle, Genecyst and Callus. Lots of extra content here to keep yourself browsing for a while. Be sure to check out their messageboard.
 Lost Levels
An ambitious project aiming to preserve games which never made it to market.
Similar to Lost Levels, this site was created by Skrybe and is dedicated to preserving game prototypes before they are lost forever. So far they have quite a handful of ROM downloads for them.
 Acmlm's ROM Hacking Domain
Creator of of the SMB2 Level Discombobulator and many other ROM hacks.
 Zophar's Domain
The biggest console utility archive. Expect to find emulators, hacking tools and more. Also a great place to visit when needing to find and read up on some of the latest emulation news.

~~~ Other Good Sites ~~~

 Elude Visibility
Our awesome host. Here you will find prototype, unreleased and other unique ROMs to mess about with. There's a lot of content here so be sure to stop by and take a look at what they have to offer!
 Nintendo Player
A large site devoted to archiving rare game related materials spanning from the NES all the way up to the N64. There are interviews, prototypes, artwork and more. If any of these are of interest I encourage you to visit the site.
A small translation company for Norwegian/English video game translations. Check out their blog!

~~~ Japanese Sites ~~~

To view these sites correctly, you may need to configure a Japanese font for your WWW browser.

 Gponys Game Materials
A great resource when researching about the Famicom and Famicom Disk System. There are a lot of scans and information that I haven't seen on any other sites before. A great look for those interested in the NES' Japanese big brother.
 Private Fami Archive
Famicom and Super Famicom archival webpage with brochures and posters from unreleased games.
 Classic Video Gamestation: Odyssey
Although a bit difficult to navigate, this site has tons of information on early Japanese Pong and Cassette Vision consoles. Good resource for anyone wanting to learn about those.

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