This page is mainly made that way the new NES collectors have a good resource to look at. It should have answers to all of the questions I frequently get asked. If you need any more assistance feel free to send me some mail.

Q1: I just bought an NES (toaster type) from a flea market, bootfair, etc and it will not work. All I see is just a flashing gray screen.

A1: The reason the system is behaving like this is due to the connectors where you insert games being either dirty or worn out from overuse. You can take a look at the cleaning tips page if you want a pictured guide on how to clean the contacts and game cartridges. If that doesn't work, you will have to order a new NES 72-pin connector and replace the one which was previously in there.

Q2: Where can I find (game title here)?

A2: Most games can be found on auction sites such as eBay. Another way to find a game you're looking for is to trade NES games with another collector.

Q3: What is an emulator?

A3: An emulator is a program which is able to immitate NES hardware. Through this it is possible to play these games on a computer without having to buy any anything. However, it is of course illegal to play games which you do not physically own.

Q4: What is a Famicom?

A4: A Famicom is the Japanese equivalent of the NES. It has a top loading design which is similar to the NES-101 that was released in the US. It also has built in controllers and can only play game cartridges which have 60 pins instead of the NES' 72 pin cartridges.

Q5: How can I remove stickers, permanent markers, etc from NES cartridges?

A5: These can be a real bitch to get off. There are a couple of different methods to get stickers and markers off such as the product known as Goo Gone. To use it simply get some on a paper towel and scrub around the areas you want to cleanup. Make sure not to apply too much to the paper towel otherwise your label will be ruined. You should practice this on more common games if you intend to use this method on rarer ones.

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