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since 3 March 1996

"If it's over 8 bit, don't touch it"

Welcome to Gamar Technologies! This page is dedicated to everyone in the emulation scene that has cried out for decent documents for their beloved ROMs. We are an Nintendo NES archive group that was created by SodaX and DiskHacker (AKA togemet2) in early 1996.

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We have some of the highest quality and best console utilities in the world. We have put a lot of time into researching information on the ROMs for each system, and trying innovative ideas that will help users instead of frustrating them, hopefully giving the user a taste of what quality should be.

Wow. Look at that, a while without an update! Many readers of this web page may have wondered what I've been doing the last month or so. As you've noticed (hopefully), we've updated the site layout (thanks tsr!) and have a new domain on eludevisibility. Also notice we have added quite a few new sections on the site including a brand new messageboard.

One of the new things I will try to do 'round here is attempt document rare NES/FC games including prototypes. There will be scans of labels, PCB's, and any other technical information on each game that I can manage to squeeze in.


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